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CEO Activity Report – April – October 2013

I started my position as Acting Chief Executive Officer in May of 2012 for a one year term. The Chief Executive Officer position went up for competition in May of 2013 in which I applied and was awarded the position in July 2013.

I oversee the management, administration and delivery of the program and projects as set out in the mandate from our membership. The Dene Nation Secretariats will have their activity report and will outline the work that they are doing and continue to do so today.

Dene Nation staff is equipped with education, information, traditional knowledge and training in their field so they can utilizes their skills within their jobs. Ongoing training in each secretariat is key to keeping us updated with new technology and will able us to work well with others.

We at Dene Nation take pride in working as a team, and we want to welcome new employees to the Dene Nation, Ms. Camilia Zoe-Chocolate is your Director of Lands and Environment Secretariat, Ms. Keyna Norwegian, is your Program Coordinator Lands and Environment Secretariat, Ms. Lisa Zoe-Chocolate is your Administrative Assistant and Ms. Roxanne Woodward is your Director of Health and Social Development Secretariat.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for letting me work for you and I’ll continue to do my best.

Masi cho,

Sharon Hopf
Chief Executive Officer
Dene Nation

Our Focus

Were re-evaluating the staff mandate, roles and responsibilities on how to best serve our communities.
Reviewing all expenses and cost associated with operations of the office. Including utilizing the expertise and skills of the AFN National Office